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 About the project in COmputer>>> formula....

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About the project in COmputer>>> formula.... Empty
PostSubject: About the project in COmputer>>> formula....   About the project in COmputer>>> formula.... Icon_minitimeMon Aug 20, 2007 6:18 pm

If u are going to check if the answers in the project are correct by using a calculator or solving in a paper, u will surely come up with a different answer in the project (especially in getting the fahreinheit there)...

Like in the 2nd line, u have a 46degree celsius given and the fahrenheit 78degrees as the answer but if u are going to convert it with a calculator... the fahrenheit should be 114.8

If you are wondering how i got this... use this formula....

c_to_f = ((9 * temp?)/5) + 32;

sir jouf used another formula like what i posted in the thread and that's

c_to_f = (9/5 * temp?) +32;

ill try to enforce this formula to sir jouf ASAP.

About the project in COmputer>>> formula.... Testpc3
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About the project in COmputer>>> formula....
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